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Tattoo Removal in Pitampura

Tattoos are in so much demand these days and not only youngsters but people from all age groups are getting addicted to it. People from all walks of life are getting tattoos. Tattoos at different and unusual sites are also increasing. People are doing all kind of experiments with the colors, designs and sites.

Many a times they get fed up with the previous tattoo or they had done tattoo to hide something and now they want to remove the tattoo. So the numbers of cases which come to us for tattoo removal are also increasing day by day.

Tattoo removal is not as easy as tattoo making. A lot of factors are involved and need to be assessed for tattoo removal. The depth of tattoo, color used, response of patient’s skin to the color and treatment all make a huge difference in the success of tattoo removal.

Ndyag q switched laser is the treatment of choice for tattoo removal. There are different wavelengths of Ndyag q switched laser which are chosen according to the color of tattoo.

Tattoo removal treatment may take a few sessions to completely remove the tattoo. It will depend again on the depth of the tattoo and the color. Some tattoos can be removed in only one session while few may take 4-5 sessions. Usually the black colored tattoos can be easily removed while for the colored tattoos more numbers of sessions are required. At some sites like palms and soles, the skin is thick and the tattoo is pretty deep. These sites may need more number of sessions for complete tattoo removal.

Ndyag q switched laser which is used for tattoo removal is a very sophisticated machine and only a good high end laser can give you desired results in tattoo removal. At satya we have been doing tattoo removal for more than 12 years now. The results of tattoo removal are excellent and we have good patient satisfaction rate.

Many a times patients have some associated scarring with the tattoos for which CO2 fractional laser can be combined along with the ndyag laser for optimal results. We have a lot of patients coming in our clinic at PitamPura to get their Tatoo removed. Our clinic is one minute away from Pitampura Metro station and you can come walking from there. Our address details are as below.

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