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Stretch mark treatment in Kamla Nagar

Stretch mark is a very annoying cosmetic problem which is very common across different age groups and gender. Stretch marks are formed because of collagen tissue breakdown.

Stretch marks are seen in growing children when the height increases suddenly. Stretch marks are also common when there is rapid loss or gain of weight. The most common condition which leads to stretch marks is pregnancy. Stretch marks also seen in patients who are on topical or oral steroids.

Stretch mark treatments are many. All the stretch mark treatments focus on inducing new collagen tissue. Stretch mark treatments are basically based on controlled injury concept, where a controlled injury is given to the affected skin and in response to the injury there is healing of the tissues. This healing is because of new collagen and new blood vessel formation.

There are many ways of inducing collagen in these stretch mark treatments.

  • ➤ Chemical peels,
  • ➤ Dermaroller treatment,
  • ➤ CO2 fractional laser,
  • ➤ PRP treatment and many others depending upon the case.

Out of these stretch mark treatments, chemical peel basically helps in the superficial stretch marks and more useful in treating the discoloration part.

Dermaroller is a very useful stretch mark treatment and really works well in patients having deep stretch marks.

CO2 fractional laser one of the most popular stretch mark treatments, which works well in almost all cases of stretch marks.

PRP treatment is the most effective of all stretch mark treatments. PRP treatment gives the fastest results. In just one session of PRP treatment we can see significant improvement even in stubborn cases of stretch marks.

All these stretch mark treatments require multiple sessions which are usually repeated at an interval of at least one month. Usually four to five sessions are required to have good results.Satya Hair clinic in Kamla Nagar is one of the best skin clinic in this area providing stretch marks treatment. Please call upon our numbers below to take an appointment or visit us.

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