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Vaginal tightening by laser

Vaginal Tightening by laser or Femilift is a new and revolutionary technology for tightening the vaginal walls as we all deserve to enjoy life to its full capacity and this means that your sex life should be the same, since the vaginal wall contains collagen fibers, which over a period of time ,can stretch and cause the vaginal wall to lose elasticity. This can cause a reduction in enjoyment of sexual intercourse. It happens as a normal part of aging and this reduction in elasticity can be increased after child birth also.

Vaginal Tightening by laser is a quick, non-surgical, painless, yet powerful laser solution to treat and tighten loose vagina walls.

In Vaginal tightening treatment a laser is used to stimulate collagen growth, it tightens the vaginal walls, which enhances sexual pleasure, restores tone to tissue and increases blood flow which increases lubrication and strengthens the supporting ligaments surrounding the bladder and urethra to reduce urinary inconvenience and also helps those that suffer from dryness and recurrent vaginal infections thereby restoring a more youthful feel.

Vaginal Tightening Treatment is not painful, patients only feel a little pressure and the procedure is over in less than 10 minutes.

Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation helps female patients to achieve improved sexual functionality and tightness especially after pregnancy. As the age progresses, collagen bands lose their elasticity and firmness. This is seen in the form of wrinkles & saggy skin on face. Same is there with vaginal tissues also; the muscle tone becomes weak and thus females feel vaginal looseness, inappropriate gaping and loss of sexual pleasure. Laser vaginal rejuvenation helps female patients in Delhi to tighten up their vaginal muscles and restore the elasticity. Femi lift or laser vaginal rejuvenation is a breakthrough procedure that takes around 30 minutes and collagen remodeling starts occurring soon after the procedure.