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Thread Lift

Thread lift is a very convenient and safe alternative to traditional face lift surgery being less invasive and virtually painless. It can effectively treat face,abdomen and breasts. Areas of treatment might require different types of threads such as straight, single screw or double screw.

Thread lift is a unique cosmetic procedure which uses suture threads to tighten sagging skin. The lift provides contour and definition to the area. The procedure does not require sedation, has no down time and is extremely effective. The procedure is suitable for both men and women from the thirties through to the sixties.

During the last 5 years, there are many innovations that has come in the field of dermatology especially in thread lifts. Thread lift in Delhi has become one of the remarkable & demanding treatments that are really appreciated by the patients all across the world. It is known for its instant results and no downtime procedure. There are different varieties of threads that can be used to give a gentle and firm pull to the sagging skin of a patient.

      1. Cog Threads
      2. Double screw Threads
      3. Mono Threads, etc.

As per the requirement and need of the patient, appropriate combination of threads can be introduced into the skin. Thread lift is very good treatment of choice in patients having loose, saggy and featureless skin. The upliftment provided by this treatment gives a smooth, highlighted and a shiny skin.


Thread lifts are beneficial for:

  • ■ Laughter lines
  • ■ Crow’s feet
  • ■ Forehead lines
  • ■ Eyebrow lift
  • ■ Arm lift
  • ■ Breast lift
  • ■ Neck lifts
  • ■ Jawline
  • ■ Drooping mouth corners
  • ■ Sagging cheeks

Treatment at Satya Skin Hair Clinic

Satya Skin Hair Clinic evaluates and analyzes the skin for the usage of a specific type of thread. At the end of each thread is a cone or knot which holds the skin in place.

      1. The qualities of sutures are of absorbable material usually the ones used in ophthalmic and cardiovascular procedures.
      2. The threads also aid in the neocollagenesis procedure too. Elastin and hyaluronic acid stimulation occur which is essential for youthful looking skin.
      3. The thread is inserted into a very fine needle introduced into the skin’s fat or muscle. Depending on the area to be treated the length and thickness of the thread varies.

Satya Skin Hair Clinic upgrades its technology regularly. The procedure is virtually pain free and long lasting. An almost immediate improvement in the face is noticed. The thread is absorbed into the body over a period of time and the effect of the treatment can last for almost up to 3 years.