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Tattoo Removal

Permanent tattoo removal should be carried by ND yag Q switched laser. It takes around 4-5 sittings to fade out the tattoo mark completely. The frequency used in ND yag Q switched laser is gradually increased which leads to absorption of all the pigment and gradually the skin attains normal skin color. Permanent Tattoo removal is done once the patient completes around 5 sittings with ND yag Q switched laser. Perhaps colored tattoo removal might take a couple of sittings extra but it can also be removed efficiently if proper frequency is used. Patients who are looking for permanent tattoo removal in Delhi should always consult a dermatologist first and then consecutive sittings should be taken accordingly.

We all know what a tattoo is. India is still catching up on the idea and has its equal share of misunderstanding. Even, now, yet, getting a tattoo means having a momentous loss of consciousness.

Tattoo Fast Facts:

Before we enlighten you about why people get tattoos and remove them, here are some fast facts about tattoos.

  • ■ When you get a tattoo your skin is pricked anywhere between 50 and 3000 times per minute.
  • ■ Tattoo machines haven’t changed much since the 19th century
  • ■ The tattoo machine has four parts a tube to hold ink, an electric motor, a foot pedal and the needle that pricks your skin
  • ■ Tattoo machines have to be sterilized with the autoclave method to kill bacteria and organisms and prevent skin infections
  • ■ Tattoos are potent disease transmitters of HIV, hepatitis B and syphilis

Consequences of tattoos:

Here are some of the consequences you might face for getting a tattoo:

  • ■ You are banned from work environments
  • ■ You are generally, socially unacceptable

Why do you remove tattoos?

Here are some of the reasons why you want to remove them:

  • ■ You have just decided to get rid of it
  • ■ It is actually affecting your career
  • ■ You just can’t take the social stigma anymore
  • ■ You have created a low body image about yourself
  • ■ Doesn’t suit the clothes which you wear regularly

Treatment at Satya Skin Hair Clinic

Your reasons for removal may be several and Satya Skin Hair Clinic fully understands your predicaments and recommends some of the best removal techniques in the country with the Nd YAG Q-switched lasers. We provide selective removal of tattoo pigments with minimal or no risk of scarring.

Nd YAG Q-switched laser: An optically emitted solid state laser Nd YAG is a colourless isotopic crystal. Laser activity in the crystal is provided by neodymium ion with a wavelength of 1064 nm which reaches the deep layers of the skin tissue. It is extremely safe and especially effective in destroying red pigmentation.

Over time there have been several advances in the q-switched laser technologies which allow permanent tattoo removal with no scarring or downtime. The Q-switched laser is emitted at 694 nm and is extremely useful in the removal of blue, green and black colours.

Tattoo removals at Satya Skin Hair Clinic is effectively conducted in just about 3 to 4 sittings.