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Tan Removal

What is a tan? Associated to sunburn a tan is an acute inflammatory reaction of the skin when excessively exposed to UV rays or ultraviolet radiation. There are variety of sources for UV radiation besides the sun such as phototherapy lamps, tanning beds and arc lamps. The benefits of exposure to solar radiation are inclusive of vitamin D synthesis but when this is unrestrained, it could have damaging effects. It is also called solarerythema or simply put – tanning.

How does this happen? With over exposure to the sun’s rays the DNA in the skin is compromised causingapoptosis of skin cells, inflammation and redness. The cutaneous blood vessels are vasodilated prompting theerythema. Your skin has been designed to tolerate how much sun it can take. As the intensity of the UVB rays’vary so does the risk of sunburn.

Skin types and tanning – a popular classification and susceptible index of skin

Skin Type Reaction Risk
Type I Burns easily, sun sensitive, doesn’t tan Risk of developing skin cancer
Type II Burns easily, sun sensitive, minimal tanning Risk of developing skin cancer
Type III Minimal burning, gradual tanning, minimal sensitivity to sun Skin is vulnerable to skin cancer
Type IV Minimal burning, moderate tanning to a brownish, minimalsensitivity to sun Skin is vulnerable to skin cancer
Type V Rare burning, good tanning, no sensitivity to sun Moderate vulnerability to skin cancer
Type IV Doesn’t burn, deep pigmentations, not sensitive to sun Strong protection against UV rays and less susceptible to cancer

reatment options at Satya Skin Hair Clinic

Oral medications: Minor tans or sunburns can be relieved with non-prescriptive NSAIDs or analgesics otherwise known as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. These medications alleviate inflammation andreduce pain associated with sunburn. Some of them are Naproxen, Anacin and ibuprofen.

Satya’s clarifying peel: The active component of this peel is phytic acid which has a large molecular weight and anti-oxidant properties. A hexaphosphoric acid ester of inositol, the peel works gradually with a controlledrelease phenomenon. It is light, superficial and most suitable for sensitive skin types. The peel acts as ablocking agent against copper, iron and calcium which are the contributors to the formation of melanin.

PRP therapy: The Platelet rich plasma or PRP therapy essentially uses blood withdrawn from your own body,to be centrifuged and then the separated serum rich in platelets is injected into the concerned area. Thisrich concentration of platelets is applied to the skin for lightening and rejuvenating treatments. To Read more go to Antiwrinkle

Satya Skin Hair Clinic provides simple and aggressively effective treatments for tan removal. Contact our consultants now.