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Super Pulsed Co2 Laser treatment

The Co2 laser is one of the most useful and versatile instruments used for skin resurfacing. Laser is propelled three times harder which means the output achieved is three times more than the CW or continuous wave power. This higher energy dispersal is called the super pulse mode of operation. Co2 lasers present with minimal discomfort, speedy recovery and safe methodologies. Around 1973 the first Co2 laser was applied, after which the super pulsed Co2 laser was introduced in the year 1980. The laser Co2 industry was revolutionized with the introduction of ActiveFX and DeepFX technologies. Co2 Lasers are known for their speed and precision and in performance.

Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment is very helpful in removing warts, skin tags, DPN, milia, moles and xanthelesma. The power and depth of this CO2 laser can be increased or decreased according to the lesion present on the skin. The removal of these lesions does not cause any scarring. The scab which is formed after the fractional CO2 laser treatment falls by itself after 2-3 days. An antibiotic cream should be applied after the procedure. Fractional co2 laser treatment is very commonly used procedures in Delhi to get rid of the unwanted black marks on your skin. The procedure is very safe and has a down time of just 1to 2 days.

Fractional laser can also be used to treat scars and under eye circles. This type of laser is very helpful in patients who are looking for some anti aging treatments. 3- 4 sittings of fractional laser give a smooth, tan free and a younger looking skin.

Treatment with the superpulsed Co2 fractional laser at Satya Skin Hair Clinic. There are a variety of treatments addressed such as:

  • ■ Removal of warts, freckles, tumours and hemorrhoids
  • ■ Sublingual gland cyst
  • ■ Glandular cheilitis
  • ■ Circumcision
  • ■ Eliminating underarm odours
  • ■ Surgical excision of genital warts

Organized functioning of the super pulse Co2 fractional laser

  • ■ Topical anaesthesia is administered
  • ■ A colourless and invisible infrared laser is emitted at 10600 nm
  • ■ Targets are intracellular and extracellular waters
  • ■ The water in the skin absorbs this light energy and skin is vapourized
  • ■ 3.5 to 15 watts of power will be adjusted depending on the severity of the dermatological condition and the location of the lesion.

Standard Specifications and features

  • ■ Easy to control treatment depths
  • ■ Precise layer vapourization
  • ■ Wave length 10600 nm
  • ■ >= 40W continuous power
  • ■ Super pulse >= 8W
  • ■ Therapeutic rejuvenation of tissue without charring
  • ■ Touch screen control systems
  • ■ Easy to operate
  • ■ Hommization design
  • ■ Fundamental laser mode
  • ■ Spot diameter focused at 0.15mm
  • ■ No hemorrhages, faster wound healing
  • ■ Seven joint light guide arm