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Love Yourself

Skin Tightening

What is skin tightening treatment? Skin tightening is a minimally invasive treatment used to provide a more firm and youthful looking skin besides replenishing the skin of its lost collagen. The procedure safely helps in strengthening the skin around the eyebrows, cheeks,under-chin and neck. When the collagen in the skin breaks down so does its ability to retain moisture, causing excessive dryness resulting in loose and sagging skin. Satya Skin Hair Clinic uses advanced and safe technology to:

  • ■ Generate youthful skin texture and appearance
  • ■ Eliminate and minimize crow’s feet, double chins and marionette lines
  • ■ Stimulate production of collagen and painlessly plump and tighten your skin

Our treatment for skin tightening

Intense Pulsed Light Satya Skin Hair Clinic uses IPL or Intense Pulsed light treatment, an innovative photofacial treatment. Ideal candidates for the treatment are persons with discolored and blotchy skin having been affected by wrinkles. The treatment helps in the reduction of aesthetically enlarged pore size, fine lines and wrinkles very effectively. It is quick, convenient and has minimal or no risk of discomfort. There is no removal of skin during the procedure. Protective eyewear is provided to protect the eyes from the flashes of light that might be emitted during the treatment. A cool gel is applied to the treatment area to lubricate the device and keep the epidermis cool.

The procedure-An IPL device is small, handheld and convenient to administer. It can be customized and personalized to suit several skin types and skin tones. Time of the treatment may vary depending on the area being treated. Short pulses of polychromatic light which is of high-intensity are delivered into the skin at specified wave lengths. This is absorbed by the fatty layers of the skin that contain collagen. As the light is absorbed, it heats up the area ,tightening the collagen fibers and simultaneously stimulating new collagen formation.

PRP Therapy– The platelet rich plasma or PRP therapy is considered as one of the most revolutionary treatments ever innovated for skin treatments. It is extracted out of blood withdrawn from your own body and centrifuged at a particular temperature. As the blood is let stand in a small sterile test tube, it is spun down to separate the red blood cells and white blood cells from the plasma. The plasma is now richer and contains a much higher concentration of platelets. This concentration is injected into the treatment areas of the skin which in turn helps to regenerate the tissue, smooth and tighten the skin.

Thread lift -A thread lift is also known as a suture lift that uses threads and sutures made of the same material . Thread lift is a minimally invasive method. Prior to the procedure markings made will determine the points of entry, directional vectors and points of exit. A small puncture wound is created with a gauge needle. The thread is inserted along these marked lines and hooked to the skin to lift the contour of the area. The threads are not visible and within a matter of two months collagen regeneration is noticed.