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Skin Lightening

What is skin lightening treatment?

Skin lightening is similar to skin bleaching or whitening of the skin. The skin undergoes a combination of treatments such as topical gels and lotions with sunscreen, exfoliants and chemical peels and lasers. Satya Skin Hair Clinic offers specialized skin lightening treatments across all skin types. Our focus is on customer satisfaction and retention.

How is skin colour determined?

The amount of melanin in the skin determines the colour of the skin. Melanocytes are cells in the skin responsible for the production of melanin. People with dark skin types possess more melanin. Genetics ascertain the amount of melanin your skin might secrete. Melanin production is affected by sun exposure, damage to skin and hormonal changes within the body.

The treatment Skin lightening treatments are meant to block the production of melanin to induce the inhibition of tyrosinase. Skin lightening essentially helps to even out the colour of your skin. Skin lightening does not mean dark skin types will become fair. Read more about skin lightening treatments at skin whitening.

Intense Pulsed Light– The intense pulsed light therapy is also called the flash lamp therapy. In a non-ablative procedure, high energy frequency light pulses are emitted targeting the chromophores present in the skin. These laser light energies are absorbed by the cells in the target area after being converted to heat energy. The treatment warrants absolutely minimal downtime and is delivered at specific wavelengths to achieve the desired results. Read more about Intense Pulsed Light at laser skin tightening.

Micro-needling Radio frequency- This type of radio frequency works with micro needles and delivers the RF straight into the dermis through the electrodes. It is extremely effective in relieving skin pigmentation as well as skin sagging. This treatment suits almost all of the skin types and requires just about 3 to 4 sessions on a monthly basis to get the desired effect. For more on ScarLet RF treatments refer to skin whitening.

PRP treatment – Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is a well known and powerful therapy for skin rejuvenation, lightening and other treatments. Blood drawn from your own body system is spun down or centrifuged to separate plasma or clear fluid from the red blood cells and the white blood cells. This is then applied back to into the treatment area to get the desired effect. For more on PRP refer to Anti Wrinkle treatment.