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Love Yourself

Non Surgical Facelift

Use of Non surgical facelift in treatment for instant glow in Delhi

Non-surgical radio frequency skin tightening procedures have grown in popularity over the last few years and so have several devices been invented and utilized to rejuvenate, tighten and deliver instant glow on skin.

Radio frequency energy penetrates several layers of the skin tissue transforming RF energy into thermal energy. Radio frequency for instant glow on skin is considerably better than light energy because it disperses electricity which actually does not contribute to skin damage. RF energy essentially addresses skin laxity most effectively in the age group of 20 to 50 years.

In non surgical face lift for instant glow on face, electric and magnetic fields are delivered in a selected number of oscillations or waves per second within the electromagnetic spectrum. Some of the lowest electromagnetic radiation frequencies are microwaves, visible light, x-rays and gamma rays. When these radiate at the speed of light, they are called radio waves. Wave lengths of radio frequencies can range from 1 cm to up to about 100 kms. Radio frequency can be used for surgical applications when the alternative current is elevated above neuromuscular structure response time.

RF energy when used for skin tightening penetrates deep into the skin and affects the deep dermis improving the underlying skin tissues giving you instant glow on face.

Types of RF

Monopolar or unipolar – Current from the device is delivered through a single electrode or one pole. Maximum resistance is sustained at the tip of the machine and subdermal layers of tissue are heated.

Bipolar – Current flows through a device that has two poles between two electrodes contained in the hand held device. The electrical circuit is started and completed with the electrodes.

At Satya Skin Hair Clinic


Satya Skin Hair Clinic uses non-ablative RF technology effectively for pre-bridal treatments to give you instant glow. We use RF energy in combination with other modalities such as CO2 lasers and IPL to address other affected areas also.
This especially devices technique gives you an instant glow to make you look more youthful and attractive esp. for an upcoming event.
Satya Skin Hair Clinic effectively treats the following areas with non-surgical RF:

  • ■ Forehead – brows and forehead skin
  • ■ Cheeks
  • ■ Mid face
  • ■ Jaw line
  • ■ Neck

Visit Satya skin & hair clinic to experience the best treatment for instant glow in delhi.
It is a very safe,effective and US FDA approved treatment modality to deliver a flawless and glowing skin so as to grab maximum compliments from people.