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LED mask

LED light therapy is considered as one of the most soothing methods of cosmetic alteration.Totally pain free than the laser, the LED light therapy in the form of an LED mask uses light emitting diodes for the treatment of several discrepancies such as skin cancer, acne, wrinkles and rosacea.

LED based therapy is broadly available in two spectrums: Blue light and Red light

Blue light – is emitted at 407 – 420 nm and are used in the treatment of acne. Large amounts of intracellular endogenous porphyrins particularly coproporphyrin are generated by the P.acnes bacterium which are excited by the blue light. The resultant singlet oxygen combines itself with the cell membranes and destroys the P.acnes. There are several influential factors for the process such as production rate of porphyrin molecules, the temperature and wavelength of photons and their concentration.

Red light – emitted usually at 633 – 660 nm is useful for the treatment of wrinkles. The skin’s barrier function is enhanced thereby retaining key elements that are required in the healing process and produce new collagen. The light ensures reduction of cytokines by targeting the skin’s oil glands.

Treatment at Satya Skin Hair Clinic

Satya Skin Hair Clinic uses the latest technology with a various coloured lights that help in targeting different concerns. We match the colour settings in accordance to your cosmetic needs to achieve maximum results.
e Rayz Laser ™ As a modification of the traditional LED Mask, the e Rayz Laser ™ is a patented product and service specific only at satya clinic. The device packed with special light in the form of photons to stimulate elastin and collagen production.

Benefits of e Rayz Laser ™

  • ■ Decreases fine lines and wrinkles
  • ■ Breaks down melanin deposits to decrease pigmentation
  • ■ Improves hydration
  • ■ Increases blood flow
  • ■ Increases skin resistance for recurrent acne break outs
  • ■ Safe and effective
  • ■ Painless and non-invasive
  • ■ No downtime
e Rayz Laser ™ is Satya Skin Hair Clinic’s most innovative methods of combating wrinkling and produce stunning skin.