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Laser Hair Removal / Treatment

Successful hair removal in delhi is commonly associated with either highly delayed growth of hair or complete elimination of unwanted hair. Growth of unwanted hair is a common problem experienced by both men and women.

Medically, excessive and unwanted hair growth is indicative of severe hormonal disturbances like hirtuism, polycystic ovarian disease and hypertrichosis. The cause though is connected to hyperandrogenism, adrenal and pituitary causes.

Whatever the reason, patients experience atypical growth of hair in unwanted body locations such as shoulders, back, ears etc in men and breasts, legs, face, underarms, lower abdomen and bikini lines in women. Hair growth is permeated both in men and women even due to age and medications.

Satya Skin Hair Clinic’s treatment and processes


Satya Skin Hair Clinic uses best practice methodologies and processes for laser hair removal in delhi. There are several preoperative considerations that are contemplated such as medical and familial history of the patient, history of previous modalities of hair removal and current intake of medications. In case of any recurrent medical history we first advice prudent consultation for control of the problem before proceeding with the treatment.

There are two main treatment types that are administered at Satya Skin Hair Clinic –

The IPL and secondly the most latest and advanced Diode laser. Where each of the treatments has its own advantage, combination treatments of both IPL and diode lasers may be applied in certain cases.

e razit Laser :  A very traditional but very effective technique, the intense pulsed light (IPL) or flash lamp therapy uses high intensity visible light pulses to improve affected skin. It is one of the better known non-invasive and non-ablative techniques for skin rejuvenation and unwanted hair removal in India. IPL essentially targets the dermis leaving the epidermis unaffected. Different lasers can be delivered at varied wavelengths. Filters are used to refine energy output, enhancing penetration and enabling targeting of precise hair follicles in laser hair removal.The light pulses cause the hair to fall and further growth is prevented.The hair becomes very thin and un noticeable after the sessions of laser hair removal by IPL.

Diode laser : Diode laser is highly effective for Fitzpatrick skin types I, II, III and is functionally beneficial for dark skinned individuals also. Used at a specific wavelength of 810 nm, Diode laser hair removal  has a repetition rate of 1 Hz and a pulse width of 5-30 ms. With a fluency of 10-40, the diode laser light for hair removal along with high temperatures immobilizes active and growing hair follicles and eliminates the follicle’s ability to promote growth of hair. Diode is done in stamping as well as continuous mode that ensures the treated area to be covered fully and the hair becomes thin in the first sitting only after laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal in delhi is a totally pain free laser treatment and very helpful in body hair removal like face,full arms,legs,back and chest area.

Facial hair growth in females is a major problem, majorly because of the hormonal problems. The underlying hormonal imbalance should be evaluated on the basis of history, examination, ultrasound and some blood investigations if necessary. People who have this problem look for laser hair removal in delhi.

There are many center, for laser hair removal in delhi. But there are few important points which a patient must take care of when looking for Laser Hair Removal in Delhi.

1. There are many centre for laser hair removal in delhi  which don’t have a proper doctor to diagnose the problem. one should avoid such laser hair removal in delhi.

2. Most of the laser hair removal in delhi are run by businessmen or parlors, which have outdated machines and unprofessional people doing treatments.
3. When choosing a center for laser hair removal in delhi the patient should know which machine is going to be used for laser hair removal. Three machines are usually used for the purpose of laser hair removal in delhi. Diode, Long pulse nd yag and IPL. Out of these diode is considered to be the gold standard. At Satya Skin & Laser clinic, we have both FDA approved Diode and IPL technology for laser hair removal.
4. Laser hair removal can also be done for male beard or for different body parts for males as well as females.

At Satya Skin & Laser Clinic, laser hair removal is done under the supervision of MD dermatologists by trained technicians with ultramodern US FDA approved latest technology.

Satya Skin & Laser Clinic, has been serving people in and around delhi NCR for last 11 years & has become a trusted name for laser hair removal in delhi.