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Lady Dermatologist in Delhi

Skin problems are on rise these days & demand for Lady Dermatologist in Delhi is increasing day by day. People who have skin problems many a times don’t consult a dermatologist and instead they take medicines from the chemist or show it to a general physician.
Many skin clinics which are actually parlors, where you don’t have dermatologists in delhi have cropped up. Many skin clinics have popped up which hire Dermatologists and have multiple franchise at many places in and outside delhi. Usually such clinics are run by businessmen for pure money minting. Such skin clinics generally flourish on advertisements. Try to avoid such skin clinics and look for genuine skin clinics.

There are many good dermatologists in Delhi, who can provide you with a correct diagnosis and proper treatment. A genuine advise and treatment can really cure your skin problem.

Skin problems are very common in females and most of the females don’t feel comfortable in showing their problems to male dermatologist so the need of a lady dermatologist increases. Most of the times patients consult their Gynaecologist for their skin problems and Gynaecologists are not well versed with the skin diseases, so most of the times they prescribe a steroid combination medicine, which actually aggravates the disease.

Many of these problems then don’t get cured and patients keep on using these medicines for years together. However such problems can be easily treated by a good LADY dermatologist. So, always consult a good dermatologist for your skin and hair problems rather going to chemists or parlours.

Lady dermatologist is the one who can understand the problems of the female patients in depth and can diagnose the underlying disease properly. Female patients can take their heart out properly and thus giving a proper history of the ailment to the lady dermatologist and that is how a proper treatment plan can be executed.

Dr. Ruchi Agarwal is one of the leading ladyDermatologist in Delhi, who has done her MD (SKIN & VD) from the prestigious MAMC, DELHI. She is one of the most reputed Lady dermatologists in Delhi. In her practice of more than 14 years she has earned a lot of name and experience in the field of dermatology.

As a lady dermatologist, she has made a very good reputation with her patients by treating their ailments in an appropriate manner. The treatments suggested by her are result oriented and 100% safe. Patients are very happy and satisfied after taking the treatments.

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