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Freckle removal

What are freckles?

Overexposure to sun’s rays encourage the production of melanin. This reaction is actually the body’s way to combat the tropical conditions. So, small, flat and circular brown spots emerge on the body instead of a tan, which are freckles. This abundance of melanin in the form of spots, are quite harmless and rarely turn into skin cancer, though some unusual ones do develop malignancies. Fair skinned people are more susceptible to develop freckles.

Different types of freckles

Simple freckles Simple freckles also called ephelides, are tanned, round and small dark brown spots of superfluous melanin formation on the skin. They are harmless and usually present in the areas which are over exposed to the sun. They darken during the summer and lighten in winter. Generally brown in colour, but they can come in black, red and yellow in colours also.

Sunburn freckles Similar to simple freckles, they don’t lighten in winter and remain localized in their proliferation. Medically known as lentigines or solar lentigines with the characteristics of the lentigo simplex, they are part of a genetic syndrome. They are isolated, slightly raised and have defined edges. They are benign in nature and are closely examined to be differentiated from melanoma.

Treatments at Satya Skin Hair Clinic

Topical medications Freckles are best treated with topical creams. Recommended products are hydroquinone with over 2% of concentration. These are also used in conjunction with tretinoin creams rich in vitamin A and Retin-A, tazarotene and adapalene or Differin creams.

Co2 laser It is amazing and rightly so, as to why the Co2 fractional laser skin resurfacing treatment is considered as the gold standard of treatments. With this procedure, patients can experience more than 50% loss in colour density as compared to other options. It vaporizes the outer damaged portion of the skin and replaces it with new, rejuvenated collagen-rich skin. The process does not involve any downtime and certainly isn’t painful. Co2 laser is extremely popular due to its dramatic results and you seldom see anyone dissatisfied with the treatment.

Satya Skin Hair Clinic uses the newest technologies along with refined experts for skin rejuvenation therapies.