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What is the double chin?

Double chin is medically called submental fat pad or jowls. There is excess fat accumulation in the chin and jowl area causing visible loss of contour to the mandible. Generally related to obesity, it may also be present in individuals who are not fat. The cervicofacial angle of the youthful neck is around 118 degrees and with the collection of submental fat there is obvious decrease in cervicofacial concavity. An undefined mandibular border is also indicative of aging.

It would not be a surprise to note that 25% of the liposuction is conducted in the submental area usually in association with facelift procedures.

Candidates for removal of double chin present with generalized severe or even mild obesity, excess and isolated submental fat and periocular wrinkling.

What are the causes of double chin?

Sagging jowls or double chin not only makes you look older but also completely alters the way you look. Some of the contributing factors to sagging submental fat are genetic, environmental, natural aging process and repetitive facial expressions. As you age vital components of the skin such as collagen and elastin are lost and gravitational forces take a toll on your skin. This pull causes sagging of the skin and there is no protein in the skin to keep it firm.

What are the treatments available with Satya Skin Hair Clinic?

HIFU/ultherapy (High intensity focussed ultrasound)

HIFU/Ultherapy is one of the best non invasive, non surgical, low downtime & most effective treatment available to treat double chin/sagging jaw line. HIFU/Ultherapy is based on passing high intensity focussed ultrasound beams through the skin in a controlled manner which causes a controlled damage to the deeper inner layers of the skin. In response to this injury, there is a contraction of the sagging tissues due to breakdown of the subcutaneous fat. This type of controlled injury & simultaneous breakdown of subcutaneous fat initiates new collagen synthesis. HIFU/Ultherapy not only reduces double chin efficiently but also makes the patient look much younger because of the collagen remodelling. HIFU/Ultherapy is a very safe & minimal downtime procedure because it does not hurt the upper layers of the dermis & epidermis.

How does HIFU/Ultherapy work?

HIFU/Ultherapy is ultrasound based, so in response to this ultrasonic injury there is new tissue formation in the form of new collagen synthesis & neovascularisation, which improves microcirculation.

How safe is HIFU/Ultherapy?

Since HIFU/Ultherapy is based on a controlled injury concept by focussed ultrasound, it is very safe. This is the same ultrasound technique which is used in ultrasound of pregnant females. It is actually a US FDA approved treatment for double chin and sagging jaw line.

What is the downtime of HIFU/Ultherapy procedure?

It is a zero downtime procedure. It is just a lunch time procedure and the patient can get back to his/her work on the same day.

Can HIFU/Ultherapy give results similar to surgical facelift?

Nowadays, techniques are moving from invasive to non invasive procedure. As in today’s lifestyle patient can hardly afford the downtime, cost & time involved in a surgical facelift. So, people looking for a total facial makeover and a smooth jaw line, HIFU/Ultherapy is the magical treatment.

How long does the effect last?

Since HIFU/Ultherapy is based on remodelling & tightening of the tissues so it takes around 1-2 months to show the full effects of the treatment.Just one session of HIFU last for one to one and half years. If the patient takes care of his/her skin, diet & lifestyle properly then the effect may last even more.

What are the side effects of HIFU/Ultherapy?

There can be little redness on the skin which disappears on the same day of the procedure. Few patients have mild swelling which generally subsides in a day or two. Very rare side effects can include temporary numbness/bruising.

What is the cost of HIFU/Ultherapy treatment?

Cost of HIFU/Ultherapy procedure varies according to the area involved (which part of face has to be treated).