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The percutaneous collagen induction therapy is an office procedure often known as microneedling or dermaroller therapy. The dermaroller is a handheld device which when administered helps in the generation of much-required collagen for the aging skin.

The device

The device is covered with tiny needles which are embedded on a cylinder all around. The needles are generally 0.5 mm to 2 mm in size and are made of stainless steel. This instrument is rolled over the skin in several directions to achieve the desired therapeutic benefit.

The technique

Small micro-holes are created when the needles pierce the stratum corneum without mutilating the epidermis. With this treatment growth factors are released which aid in the generation of new collagen in the papillary dermis. Along with depth and speed control, the needles are arranged on the roller in clear rows with a 360 deg. rolling capacity for maximum benefit. The dermaroller is an extremely easy to use instrument, painless to treatment and a very popular cosmetic skin rejuvenating measure.

Treatment at Satya Skin Hair Clinic

Satya Skin Hair Clinic uses dermaroller in combination with other therapies such as meso-dermaroller, PRP and chemical peeling to derive maximal satisfaction. Each of these treatments are administered after appropriate evaluation of the patient.

Primary benefits of the dermaroller treatment at Satya Skin Hair Clinic

The device used at Satya Skin Hair Clinic has needle depths of 1.5 mm which ensures good penetration and supreme results
Since it is a blunt roller, it is not only beneficial to the skin, but also causes no pain
Satya Skin Hair Clinic understands the need for hygiene in any cosmetic treatment and so does not use the same dermaroller on two patients. Extreme precautionary measures are applied to avoid cross-treatment infections.

The dermaroller can treat the following –

  • ■ Acne and acne scars
  • ■ Fine lines and wrinkles
  • ■ Stretch marks
  • ■ Hand rejuvenations
  • ■ Revitalizes sun damaged skin