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Chemical Peels


What are chemical peels?
Chemical peels treatment involve the usage of chemical solutions applied to the skin, which makes the outer layer of the skin peel off to reveal a new and improved skin texture. Areas usually treated are the face, neck, chest and hands. Chemical peels are a safe and effective way to reduce fine lines around the mouth, under the eyes and get back your glow. Chemical peels improve wrinkles as a result of sun damage and appearance of scars due to acne. It is also helpful in the treatment of mild acne, reduces freckles, age spots and melasma.

Our treatments at Satya Skin Hair Clinic

We use a range of self made and non buffered peels and quality products in our clinic keeping in mind individual quality prerequisites along with safety quotients.

Satya’s Clarifying Peel: Satya’s Clarifying Peel is a trademark brand containing natural tricholoracetic acid. This variant of glow peel is administered on the damaged outer layers of the skin for the treatment of wrinkles, blemishes and facial inadequacies. The peel effectively exfoliates the outer layers of the skin to reveal new and rejuvenated skin with improved texture & tone and leaves your skin shiny and glowing.

Satya’s Age Defying Peel: It holds the properties of the glycolic acid peel. It is mild and very popular with our patients. It is a natural extract containing alpha-hydroxy acid and used in a concentration of 40% or higher. They are light chemical peels used in the treatment of wrinkles, acne and dryness of the skin. The acid penetrates into the skin breaking the bonds of each layer. The glycolic peel can be easily washed off and the skin continues to peel for several days till new, fresh skin is revealed.

Satya’s Magic Ac Peel: It contains Beta-Hydroxy acid and is considered as a superficial peel which is effective for oily skin. It cleanses the pore and reduces oiliness. There are several concentration levels at which they can be applied. 10 – 30% : Pore cleansing, treatment of oily/acne skin, releasing clogged pores, treatment of seborrheic dermatitis > 30% : Peeling agent for skin resurfacing, treatment of dehydrated, sun damaged, dry and sensitive skin

Satya’s Glow Peel: Specially designed to give glow on the face; the Glow peel at Satya is also known as Easy Phytic Solution and treats the skin without flaking. Glow peel works with a moderate tightening effect and is considered a superficial peel. This glow peel effectively provides an even complexion and can be worn till the morning of the next day to be easily washed off. As the name indicates, it is one of the best treatment for people looking for glow treatment with no downtime. The results of glow peel are long lasting and repeated sessions of glow peel are recommended as per the requirements.