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Alopecia areata treatment

Hair loss is a most distressing medical problem faced by human beings around the world. There are many types of hair loss and the causes for them are different. Androgenic alopecia is the medial name of the common hair loss problem faced by both men and women. Male baldness pattern and female baldness pattern are the common names for androgenic alopecia. The hair loss occurring in this pattern is faster and extensive. The hair loss in this category related to men is greater than that of women.

Alopecia areata

In alopecia areata, hair loss starts as perfectly smooth baldness of quarter sized circles. Hair in these patches generally re grow within a period of three to six months on its own. In some cases of alopecia areata, the hair regrows in white color where the original hair was black colored. In some cases, two or three bald patches are formed initially and fresh patches are formed as hair re grows in the earlier patches.

In another variety called alopecia totalis, the entire scalp becomes bald. Alopecia also affects hair on other parts of the body like beard, eyebrows etc. Alopecia areata is caused because of an autoimmune condition in which the body attacks its hair follicles.


1. Injecting steroid like triamcinolone is a very successful treatment for hair loss caused by alopecia areata.

2. In some conditions where the patient does not have time to wait for the natural hair to grow back, Synthetic hair implant can be done to cover the balding patches. First of all 100 hair test patch is done to evaluate that whether the patient’s body is accepting these artificial hair, and then after 6 to 8 weeks of the test patch ,major session of the synthetic hair implant can be done in patients having Alopecia areata.

3. Once the disease of alopecia areata becomes stable, natural hair transplant can also be done after properly evaluating the patient.