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Acne Scars in Delhi

What are acne scars?

MNRF: MNRF is known for its acne scar removal in Delhi. Micro needling radio frequency is a revolutionary treatment in treating acne scar, dull skin, stretch marks and pigmentation. This treatment involves use of radiofrequency through sterile gold plated needles. After applying numbing cream for around 45 minutes, the hand piece holding these set of needles are pierced through the superficial layers of skin and these needles break the fibrous bands leading to collagen remodeling.

The micro needles of MNRF create micro punctures without damaging the epidermis and thus promoting a lot revascularization, connective tissue & collagen formation. Micro needling RF for acne scar removal is just a 20 minutes procedure with a down time of 1- 2 days. It is one of the most reliable methodologies for acne scar removal in the category of collagen induction treatment.

Scar marks which are seen after the pimple eruption on face and neck can be easily cured by any one of the above treatment modalities or a combination of two or more.

Acne scars are formed due to inflammation and redness of the skin due to a burst or popped acne. This occurs in most people affected with acne vulgaris. Acne scars are predominantly a result of an abnormal healing response leading to excessive discharge at the site of the lesion. There are several types of acne scars:

Depressed or pitted scars come in three types:

  • Rolling scars Rolling scars are caused by prolonged inflammatory acne and are characterized by broad depressions with rounded and sloping edges.
  • Boxcar scars Boxcar scars are clearly defined, have steep edges and are also characterized by broad depressions on the skin.
  • Icepick scars Icepick scars are deep and narrow, looking like empty pores on the skin.
  • Raised acne scars Raised acne scars are also hypertrophic and keloid scars where excessive and firm scar tissue has formed at the site of the scar.



Glycolic acid peels -Glycolic acid peels are clarifying and age defying peels containing hydroxyacetic acid a component of the a-hydroxy acid family. Found in sugarcane, pineapple and several other melons, the chemical is extracted for its use in various skin care products to reduce acne scars. Its ability to penetrate the skin is extremely strong and is popularly known to foster dramatic results in acne scars treatment.

Fractional laser –A relatively new technology, the ScarLite laser treatment is especially used by Satya Skin Hair Clinic to eliminate acne scars. The correction process has to be carried out for at least 3 to 4 sessions to notice a marked difference in acne scars. For more on Satya Skin Hair Clinic’s ScarLite treatments please visit

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)– Acne scar sites are injected with platelet rich plasma centrifuged and treated from blood extracted from the patient. Centrifugation identifies the platelet rich fibrin matrix or PRFM and the white and red blood cells are separated. For more on Satya Skin Hair Clinic’s PRP therapy please visit

Prolonged acne scars – Satya Skin Hair Clinic uses a unique and patented method to combat prolonged acne scars. A subcision is conducted where a fine needle is inserted into the deep layers of the skin breaking the collagen. A subcision is an incisionless subcutaneous surgery, which can be performed very simply under topical anaesthesia. An 18 to 20 gauge needle or a 1.5 inch 18 gauge Nokor needle breaks the fibrous collagen strands. A subsequent dermaroller administration alongside the subcision process allows penetration into the epidermis stimulating collagen formation and hence reduction in acne scar.

The technique of acne scar removal,used at Satya Skin Hair Clinic is distinctively aimed at increased patient comfort and avoiding large hematomas.