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Love Yourself

Pre Bridal Treatments

Pre-bridal treatments are extremely important for the bride. The shopping and continuous preparations can make you tired and affect both health and beauty of the bride. Besides, pre-bridal treatments are the best way to address any skin, beauty and health issues before embarking on the D-day.

Satya Skin Hair Clinic specializes in pre-bridal treatments and offers expert advice on therapies that rejuvenates the individual physically and mentally. It is always advisable to book pre-bridal treatments 2 to 3 months before the big day.

Here are some of the treatments provided by us

E lite facial : The e lite facial with special characteristics of rejuvenating the skin with no downtime makes your skin very firm and glow like a diamond. This elite facial is very mild treatment and helps in collagen synthesis.

Scarlite laser ™ : The technology uses fractional CO2 to remove sun freckles, irregularities of the skin, dullness of Skin tone and any discoloration of skin. For more about our Scarlite laser ™ treatment please referthe skin whitening section.

Needleless mesotherapy Designed to have the same goals as the needle mesotherapy, the no-needle mesotherapy uses a mild amount of electric current to aid the penetration of active ingredients applied on the skin. Repulsion or attraction occurs due to ionized substances applied to the treatment area.

Dermaroller : Dermaroller is a simple microneedling treatment which helps in the elimination of acne and acne scars. It further induces the production of elastin and collagen revealing a new, plump and youthful looking skin.

Chemical peel : Satya Skin and Hair Clinic’s phytic peel consists of phytic acid components which help in exfoliation of the damaged surface of the skin uncovering a refreshed skin.

Non-surgical facelift : Non-surgical facelift uses radio frequency for tightening skin and is used at Satya Skin Hair Clinic especially for prebridal treatments. Using bipolar and monopolar RF energies, the cheeks, forehead skin, mid face, jaw line and neck is addressed very effectively with this treatment. For more on non-surgical facelifts visit our page Non-Surgical Facelift.

PRP Platelet Rich Plasma is one of the safest and most effective skin rejuvenating treatments that helps in healthy tissue regeneration with production of essential collagen for a healthy and glowing skin. For more on our PRP treatments go to Platelet Rich plasma Section.

Factors that make Satya Skin Hair Clinic preferred for pre-bridal treatments

Approaching an ordinary beauty parlor just before a bridal ceremony can be risky especially due to irregular methodologies and ill-maintained hygiene.

Satya Skin Hair Clinic understands the importance of pre-bridal treatments. The clinic consists of a team of dermatologists who are well qualified to address skin related issues. High levels of hygiene standards ensure total control of infections. These latest treatment techniques are especially customized for the bride and the groom according to their requirements to make them look and feel special.