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Love Yourself

Mole removal

Moles do not look good esthetically, so lot of patients come to us for removal of mole.Different techniques of mole removal includes Surgery, electrocautery ,cryotherapy and CO2 laser. Amongst these CO2 laser is considered to be the gold standard.We remove moles in on session itself.Unlike many clinics which remove a single mole in multiple sessions. There is only 5 % chance of mole coming back at the same place for which we give a free touch up.

This patient had a big mole on her face since birth. It used to bother her a lot. We removed it with Most advanced Ultrapulse CO2 laser in just one session. The advantages are:

a) patient doesn’t have to undergo the procedure again and again.
b) It heals pretty fast.
c) the procedure is painless.
d) The chances of recurrence are very less.
e) The scar heals in usually a months time completely.

In this patient the picture is after 15 days and the area is almost completely healed.