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Acne Treatment

Acne is a very common problem among teenagers and young adults. We, at Satya, treat acne with medications, diet control and advice regarding lifestyle changes. Besides this to treat acne scars, different treatment options are available at Satya which include peels ,skin polishing, dermaroller, fractional laser ,PRP and several others. Since the nature of acne scars vary in a single individual, so different combination techniques are required to get the desired results. That is why, people who are not getting result anywhere else, get it at Satya.

Case 1:
This patient had active acne as well as spots on her face. She had already taken treatment from many skin clinics, but of not much use.
At Satya, 2 peeling sessions were done followed by 2 sessions of Scarlite laser. The entire treatment was finished in 2 1/2 months. The skin looks very clear and free of acne now.
Advantages of acne scar treatment with Satya:

a) Specially designed in-house peels for effective control of acne.
b) 100% safe treatment.
c) Rapid results without any side effect.

Case 2:
This patient had big active inflammatory acne on her face. She was not responding to the treatment which she was already taking from a leading skin clinic in delhi, for almost a year. SA (magic peel) was done and the changes were encouraging from the very 1st session. Within 3 sessions, almost all the active inflammatory acne settled in just 3 weeks time.