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Laser Hair removal in Kamla Nagar

Unwanted hair always causes trouble. Be it men or women, excessive hair on face or body is not admired by anyone. People try a lot of things to get rid of excessive hair like waxing, threading, plucking etc. But regular use of these methods, can cause excessive skin reactions, flare up of acne on face and severe burns. These methods of hair removal do not provide a permanent solution for unwanted hair. One has to get it done every fortnightly or once in a month.

In today’s busy life schedule, people generally do not have to visit parlors for such kind of treatments regularly. So a revolutionary treatment named Laser Hair Removal has come which can reduce the density and thickness of the hair to a significant level.

Laser hair removal can reduce the growth of unwanted hair, thus making the area look more smooth and beautiful. Initially 2 – 3 sittings are required in a gap of one month and then later on, as the hair growth starts decreasing, sittings can be taken in a gap of 3- 4 months. Once the hair growth has reduced, only maintenance sitting is required once in year.

Always consult a dermatologist before taking laser hair removal sittings, as there might be an underlying hormonal imbalance which might be responsible for unwanted hair growth. The underlying root cause should be treated properly to get good results of laser hair removal.

You can consult Satya hair clinic based in Kamla Nagar for Laser hair removal which is very safe, result oriented and absolutely painless treatment for men and women.

Latest technology in laser hair removal is the Diode, which is very effective for hair reduction. It does not leave any burn marks on the skin and makes the texture of the skin very smooth.

Laser hair removal can be taken by anyone above 18 years of age.  Our Clinic Address for Kamlanagar is as below. Please call for appointment for Laser hair removal treatment.


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