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Synthetic hair Implant

Synthetic hair Implant is an easy and complete solution for the problem of baldness faced by both men and women.
A test implant using 100 synthetic fibers is usually done to understand the compatibility of the method for a particular patient and to rule out any foreign body reaction. The response produced by this test implant is evaluated after 3 weeks. In one session generally upto 5000 fibers can be implanted in the selected area. Biofibre hair transplant is found to be durable for about 2 to 3 years.If number of fibers to be implanted is more the process is carried out in more than one session and in each session about 5000 implants can be done.There are two types,namely:

  • ■ Biofibre(Italy)
  • ■ NIDO (Japan)


  • ■ These fibers tend to be fragile during the initial 4-5 days.
  • ■ Utmost cleanliness and care in handling the fibers are needed in the initial days.
  • ■ Once the initial problems are over they will remain intact for a period of 2-3 years.
  • ■ For increased longevity, regular cleaning of the crusts and follow up is necessary.

Important points

  • ■ Fiber hair do not grow in length.
  • ■ Length of the fiber is selected based on the need of the patient.
  • ■ Washing and combing of hair can be started after 5 days.
  • ■ Repeated transplant is not harmful and as such the patient can recoup the fallen fibres every year, if needed.
  • ■ Within 24 hours you can have your head covered with attractive hair of convenient length and different attributes like curly, straight, brown, golden etc.