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Salient features of our Technique

Salient features of our Technique

Salient features of our Technique for FUE and FUT


Extraction techniques

  • Highest graft survival and yield rates
  • Multiple skill sets’ – surgeons assignment
  • 0.7 mm to 1mm punches with no scarring at donor area
  • Usage of advanced anaesthetic procedures for a painless experience(Zero Pain AnaesthesiaTM)
  • Excellent assessment of donor area capacity

Implantation techniques

  • Most skilful and specialized graft placement techniques
  • Fastest growth of transplanted hair
  • Unique combination techniques
  • Fastest graft placement
  • High levels of accuracy
  • Hairline and scarline restorations
  • Maximum density achieved in accordance to shaft thickness and follicular unit size

Post procedural features

  • Aesthetic and natural looking results
  • Fastest recovery times
  • Best quality of results
  • Best post-operative care even for natural hair

Transplantation: To achieve the best results, it is extremely important to insert the graft at an appropriate angle and direction to match existing hair. Maximum care is taken to see that the graft insertion rates are accurate to achieve aesthetic and long-lasting results.

Natural Look: Due to our techniques, we are reputed to provide some of the best results in the industry. In conjunction to our skilful transplantation techniques the results achieved are natural even when viewed at a close range.

Minimal downtime: We assure minimal downtime with maximum recovery. A patient can shampoo the head on the 4th day after transplantation. Our post-operative care techniques and counseling sessions enable patients to recover fast and without eventualities.

Hair regrowth process: The hair regrowth cycle after transplantation is extremely fast esp. in DSFT TM Technique.

Combination procedures: One of the biggest advantages with Satya Skin Hair Clinic is their pool of talent. There are several skilful surgical techniques available for hair weaving and transplant which provide patients with accurate and assured results. Combination procedures at Satya Skin Hair Clinic ensure safety and precision with completely satisfying results even in patients with higher grade of Baldness.