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Punch Graft Correction Surgery

In earlier days hair transplant surgery was carried out using the technique known as punch grafting in which circular punches were used. In this procedure smaller number of circular grafts known as punches were removed from the donor area and are planted in one session. These larger grafts were planted with enough space in between to avoid any problems related to blood supply. When these plugs were harvested from the donor area, the punches used to leave scarred checker board pattern over the back of the head. The only solution available to remove this appearance of the doll’s head is additional plantings to fill the gaps between the plugs.This procedure has become obsolete now and nobody is going for punch grafting.
The problems caused by punch grafting like doll’s head appearance are corrected using correction surgeries.
As hair transplant has become very popular now, many inexperienced and non professional hands are carrying out hair transplant thereby causing problems to the patients who had undergone hair transplant in recent years. A transplant failure can be sometimes unbearable because of the financial losses involved.
The healthy donor hair will be misused in an unsuccessful hair transplant.Finally you end up loosing your precious donor hair,money and time.Many patients are opting for correction surgeries with a hope to find a permanent and natural solution to their hair loss problem.Satya is a ray of hope for Transplant failure cases.

Difficulties of hair transplant repair surgeries

1. Extraction and implantation becomes tedious as a result of scarring and fibrosis.

2. The donor hair will be limited as most of them would have been utilized in the earlier surgery.

3. Survival rate of grafts will be less in the recipient site because of scarring.

4. The previously implanted hair will be having incorrect angles. The hair line will be very low and unnatural.

5. The patient will not be motivated because of the previous unhappy experience and will be afraid and apprehensive.

6. Such surgeries can be carried out only at specialty centers where experienced and expert hair transplant surgeons are available.At Satya we have a expert team which is internationally trained and has years of experience in the field of hair transplant .

Requirements of repair surgeries

  • ■ Surgeon who carry out repair surgery should be exceptionally skilled and experienced.
  • ■ A good patient doctor relationship has to be fostered for the success of hair transplant repair surgeries.
  • ■ The hospital should have state of the art facilities.
  • ■ More than one technique will have to be combined because of the paucity of the donor hair.