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Platelet Rich Plasma


Blood and its components

Some of the main components of blood are distributed as follows:

  • ■ RBCs – Red blood cells 93%
  • ■ WBCs – White blood cells 1% containing neutrophils, lymphocytes, monocytes, eosinophils and basophils with a ration of 1:700 against the RBCs.
  • ■ Platelets – 6% also called thrombocytes with a ratio of 1:20 against the RBCs


Platelet rich plasma has reduced RBC levels, with a high percentage of platelets utilized in cosmetic healing treatments. PRP is considered as autologous which means that it emerges from one’s own body.


When blood vessels are disrupted due to injury the platelets in the blood stream are activated to aid in clotting, arresting blood flow and healing the wound. Knowing that platelets have rich, growth inducing molecules, PRP is assimilated to intensify these growth factor molecules for cosmetic purposes.

Evidence has proven that PRP is effective for-

  • ■ Inducing collagen production
  • ■ Promoting tissue regeneration
  • ■ Generating cell differentiation
  • ■ Forming extra cellular matrices

PRP properties-

  • ■ Non-allergic
  • ■ No transmissible infections
  • ■ Biological gluing

The treatment

Satya Skin Hair Clinic uses PRP for cosmetic skin rejuvenation treatments, repairing aging skin at cellular levels. Textural changes in skin are characterized by sagging, wrinkling and pigmentation. Over exposure to sun accelerates the process deteriorating causing visible cellular damage.

Step I centrifugation

  • ■ About 10 to 20 ml blood is withdrawn from the patient
  • ■ The blood is then placed in ACD activated tubes and centrifuged
  • ■ It is spun at a predetermined speed and duration
  • ■ The red blood cells, the white blood cells and the platelets are separated
  • ■ The separated blood plasma is withdrawn

Step II Dermaroller

Before administration of PRP we apply the Dermaroller to stimulate the treatment area by creating micro-wounds. It enhances transdermal drug or medication transportation. The dermaroller increases the permeability of the skin. Once done, the PRP is injected or applied on to the skin for easy and effective absorption.

Step III Administration

The prepared PRP is injected into the skin to rekindle new cell formation and stimulate collagen formation. In case of hair loss treatments, the PRP is injected and patted on to the patient’s scalp.In case of face it is injected specially into the Crow’s feet,forehead wrinkle lines,nasolabial folds ,undereye and on pigmented and acne scars area.
In some cases PRP can also be combined with Subsicion Treatment to get rid of acne scars permanently and then gradually Scarlite Laser can also be delivered if necessary. so it depends on the knowledge and expertise of the treating Dermatologist to customize the treatment according to the need of the patient and deliver him the best result oriented combinational treatment modality .
Results of PRP for face are usually visible within 3 -4 weeks of the therapy. At Satya Skin Hair Clinic, age is not a bar for PRP treatments. It can be used from the pre-bridal stage up to even the age of 55 years. Comparatively better in treatment against the botox and fillers, PRP is non-reactive and involves no downtime.