Love Yourself

Love Yourself

Our Procedure for FUE and FUT

Hair restoration procedures are vital since they are a single resource to reinstating the confidence of an individual who otherwise suffers from a low self-esteem due to baldness or hair loss. Daily interactions with people become painful and can even severely affect life style. Satya Skin Hair Clinic understands that hair transplantation is an indispensable technique for individuals who wish to lead a normal life.

One of the biggest advantages of the FUE technique is the evident absence of scar in the donor area unlike the strip surgery. Roots are meticulously extracted one by one to be transplanted into the recipient areas for optimum hair growth results.

Our FUE expertise

Satya Skin Hair Clinic codes permanent FUE Hair transplants, since hair is transplanted from an area of the body where it is not lost as it deprived of the DHT receptor which is responsible for hair loss.

■ There is only relative extraction of the root cell and no removal of tissue when the graft is extracted
■ It is a stitchless and incisionless surgery
■ Special micro tip devices used for the surgery to ensure accuracy and precision
■ Our results are outspoken and repeatable which is a rare feature with most hair transplantation clinics.

Graft Numbers

■ FUE – we can transplant about 3500 grafts in a single day
■ More than 3.5 million hair grafted successfully

Attributes of the FUE technique

■ Specially designed titanium punches
■ Graft extractions with ergometric motorized devices
■ Punches are 0.7 mm to 1.0 mm in size for minimal scarring, faster healing processes and high accuracy rates
■ Only donor area hair is cut short – with hair still covering the donor area even after the procedure
■ Surgery is comfortable and painless with the usage of specially designed Zero pain anaesthesia TM
■ Extremely comfortable postoperative recovery
■ No shaving of scalp
■ Higher grades of baldness treated with a combination technique of FUE/DSFT and FUT
■ Throughout the procedure a cold chain is well maintained to increase the graft survival rate