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NIDO (Japanese technology)

NIDO artificial hair and hair implantations have been well-acclaimed by the ISHRS. Since 1972, the N-type method of synthetic hair Implantation had continuous upgrades, till up to the current Z-type procedure which is considered to be the fourth generation technology which is patented across the world.

How it works ?

The device
The Nido technique of hair restoration uses a disposable implanting device which has an auto-depth function that adjusts itself to each strand of hair for ideal and successful implantation. Suitable for both thin and thick scalps, the needle does not advance into the galea. Each device is also equipped with a safety spring mechanism.
The unique removal technique
Nido Artificial hair Implant technique is most advantageous when implanted artificial hair has to be removed. The root part of the Nido Synthetic hair is melt-adhered electronically, forming an alpha-shaped loop. When a tensile strength of over 150 grams is applied to pull at it, the weld separates and the artificial hair is removed in a single strand.

The characteristics of NIDO artificial hair

  • ■ Made up of advanced polyester resin polybutylene terephthalate / PBT
  • ■ High quality, safety and durability
  • ■ Harmless inorganic hair colourants in combination with PBT
  • ■ Root of hair is melt adhered electronically forming an alpha shaped coil
  • ■ Supports natural wound healing process after surgery
  • ■ Consists of chemically bonded collagen layer in accordance to Japanese, USA and European patent standards
  • ■ Remarkable increase in fixation rates due to advanced biochemical technology
  • ■ Electron beam sterilized, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified implements

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