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Natural hair transplant

In natural hair transplant, live hair roots are removed from donor area and are transplanted in the bald area. These hair look as natural as they were originally present in that area and the roots function in the same manner as they used to perform when they were in the donor area. These transplanted hair behaves in the same manner as the original hair in the bald area. These hair can be cut regularly or trimmed whenever necessary. They can be shampooed and dyed when necessary and does not need any maintenance or medicine as their growth occurs naturally and permanently. You can shave the hair completely and they will re grow within a very short time as is usual in the case of natural hair.

Normally bald resistant hair which will be available on the back of the head are used for hair transplantation. The density of the transplanted hair is proportional to the number of grafts placed per square centimeter. Normally human scalp contains about 80 to100 follicles per square centimeter area. When the number of grafts transplanted in greater number, it gives a denser appearance. More than 40 follicles per square centimeter needs to be implanted for giving a denser look. Implanting 40 follicles per square centimeter is a tedious task which requires a lot of skill and dedication form the part of the hair transplant surgeon.At Satya placement of grafts is done in such a way you get a very dense and fuller Scalp.

The procedure for hair transplantation is done in sessions if more area is to be covered. A mega session or super mega session in which more number of grafts are placed is carried out.When the number of follicles transferred is more , around 3500, then such a session is termed as mega session. When these figure correspond to 5,800 then such a session is considered as super mega session and when about 8000 follicles are transplanted in one go, such session is known as giga session.

Two common methods hair transplant are, Follicular unit hair transplant ,Follicular unit extraction and Direct stimulated Hair Transplant

Follicular unit hair transplant: In this procedure a strip of skin from the donor area is removed and the individual units of follicles separated from it are transplanted in the holes already created in the recipient area.

Follicular unit extraction: In this procedure instead of harvesting strips of skin from the scalp donor area, individual follicular units are extracted from the donor area and they are implanted directly into tiny holes made in the recipient area.
Direct stimulated Hair Transplant : It is better version of FUE technique in which the hair follicles are harvested in the same manner as in FUE and are biologically stimulated and placed in the recipient sites simultaneously.

Each of these methods have its own merits and demerits.The Hair Transplant surgeon will decide which is the most suitable method for each patient depending upon the individual needs and health conditions.