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Love Yourself

Micro wefting

Loss of hair, hair thinning and baldness are serious problems faced by about 50 % of men and women after the age of 50. Hair thinning, hair loss, baldness etc are so powerful that some are even compelled to change their profession. One solution to this problem is hair micro wefting. This is a non-surgical procedure, which is painless, safe, quick and is most popular in India. This is an innovative technique, which is having no side effects and is suitable for any kind of baldness.

No follow up care is necessary for micro hair wefting. This procedure is not having any side effects or risks. A person who undergoes hair wefting can take part in activities like swimming. He can even take a shower. Specially designed invisible clips or strips of natural or synthetic hair with special adhesives are used for adding thickness to the existing hair. These strips are attached to the hairline one after another. Adding extra layers of hair through this method makes the person look splendid, confident, more energetic and youthful .


  • ■ Hair thinning or hair loss problems are solved instantaneously
  • ■ Non surgical method which does not cause any pain
  • ■ Can be used for like special occasions like celebrations and functions
  • ■ This is a semi permanent solution and people with micro wefted hair can take part in activities like swimming etc.