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Long hair transplant

Transplantation of long hair is a latest technique used for hair restoration. In this procedure, long hair is transplanted without changing their Length resulting in immediate result after the surgery. This method is suitable for candidates who intend to attend an important event like a meeting or function within next 15 to 20 days. The hair transplanted usually fall within 3 months and again starts re-growing like normal hair after a few months.

In this procedure around 3000 long hairs are implanted in a day. If higher density or hair is required another session may be needed in which anther 3000 hairs can be implanted. The important benefit of this procedure is that no visible scars, punch marks, bandaging etc will be left on your head after the procedure. If you can show the photograph of your head before fall of hair, the surgeons can implant the hair in such a way that your old hair style pattern can be restored.

Benefits of long hair implant

  • ■ Long hairtransplant gives results very fast. From the next day of transplant the candidate will be having sufficient quantity of long hair as desired by him/her.
  • ■ As the scabs will be covered by the hair, no or minimal post operative care is needed.
  • ■ This is very useful for person who has to attend some important functions after 10-15 days for transplant.
  • ■ With one session the implant can be carried out and this procedure is very much suitable to be carried out in short notice.


The transplanted hair may fall within 3 months. However, they start re-growing and the process is completed within 6 to 12 months. However, some hair have been found to be not falling under this method which remains there and keep growing.
Experience and expertise of the surgeon plays a vital role in the successful completion of the surgery. Long hair transplantations are on the increase and the surgeons with proven track records are to be relied upon for carrying out this procedure.