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Hair weaving

Hair weaving is the process of addition of hair to the scalp by braiding or weaving human or synthetic hair. Hair weaving is an easy method of applying extension to the natural hair. Only for film actors and celebrities used to go for hair weaving in the earlier days. Now the situation has entirely changed and hair weaving has become method to explore different style and fashions to add beauty to the person. Hair weaving is used to add color and beauty to the natural hair. The important benefits that can be derived from hair weaving are detailed below.

Low maintenance: Some people may not be having enough time to spare for the maintenance and styling of the hair. A hair weave allows you to carry out the hair styling very easily and without taking much time. Synthetic hairs are pre-styled and hence you need to just fluff and go. Human hair weaves are more fluffy than synthetic hair weaving.


Hair is braided in sewn-in-hair weaves close to the scalp.The extension hair used in weaving is added in wefts. Normally the extension hair bears all the wear and tear and the natural hair is protected from the daily styling maneuvers. Natural hair is saved from the pressures of hot rollers, flat irons, curling irons etc. Hot weather or pillow cases will not affect the natural hair.The protective effect of the hair weaving saves your natural hair from routines and outside influences.


Hair weaves have the flexibility that you can carry out many type of experiments like new colors, ultra short cuts, etc. The important benefit is that you can experiment with many colors and styles without causing any damage to your natural hair.

Weaving techniques

Though many weaving techniques are available, we will concentrate on three of the most common ones.


Bonding is a temporary weaving method which can be used to add volume and vibrant streaks of color to the naturally existing hair. In this method a special adhesive is used to glue tracks of hair to the roots of the natural hair. Tracks should not be left over your head for more than one or two weeks to avoid damage to the natural hair.


Though clip-ins was in practice for a long time, recently it has become very popular. This is perfect for people with fine hair. Thin hair easily breaks especially when some pressure is put on it. But clip-ins can be of great help to such hair as it allows hair breaks in between. By attaching clip-ins you can convert a short bob into an attractive mane within a few minutes. This is a magic pill which adds thickness to hair instantaneously.


Sew-ins add creative versatility, keeping your style preferences.You can have curlier or wavier hair style with a little pulling, tugging and combing thereby adding color and variety to your life. Basically, there are two types of sew-ins. They are braid and weave. Sew-in is semi permanent, which can be used for a few weeks or a few month.