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Hair Regrowth Treatment

Some hair loss is temporary. In such cases hair start regrowing without any treatment. In some cases of hair fall, procedural treatments like PRP, Stem cell or mesotherapy can also promote hair regrowth. If hair loss is caused because of some disease, treatment to that disease can induce hair regrowth. Hair regrowth can be promoted and hair loss can be prevented by proper and careful treatments.
Minoxidil (Rogaine): This is an over the counter foam which can be rubbed to the scalp to promote hair regrowth. It has been found to be useful in decreasing the hair loss and in some way useful in inducing hair regrowth. It may take two weeks for the new hair to come out. Scalp irritation and unwanted hair growth in the adjacent skin are the unwanted side effects of this medicine.
Finasteride (Propecia): Finastride ids prescribed in some cases of male pattern baldness. It slow down the process of hair loss and hair regrowth of have been experience by patients who take this medicine regularly. Reduced sexual interest and sexual activity are the side effects of this medication only if taken in a higher dose.
Surgical restoration:– Surgical natural hair transplant has been found to be an effective and reliable solution for hair regrowth.
Natural Hair transplantation: Hair transplantation is carried out by removing tiny plugs of hair from the area behind your head where hair grows thickly and is hair fall resistant area. These plugs of hair are later implanted in the tiny holes created in the bald area.

Synthetic hair implant: Synthetic hair implant is a great option in patients looking for hair regrowth with very less donor area and patients who cannot wait for 3 to 4 months to see the results of natural hair transplant. This treatment does not have any downtime and gives you instant head full of hair.

Life style change and home remedies

By adopting the below mentioned changes in your life style with the remedies furnished below, hair loss can considerably be reduced.

  • ■ Avoid tight braids, ponytails etc
  • ■ Avoid intensive twisting and pulling of hair..
  • ■ Eat a well balanced diet.
  • ■ Avoid smoothening and hair straightening