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Hair extensions

Hair extension is a method to add length, thickness, volume or color to the hair of a person by attaching hair additions to the base of the natural hair using clips, glues or braids. In hair extensions, natural hair or artificial hair is used to lengthen the existing hair. Hair extensions help the user get drastic improvements with realistic looks at affordable cost.

Methods of hair extensions

  • Clip-in hair extension: Clip in hair extension is a temporary hair extension and has the advantage that no traction alopecia occurs as in the case of glued hair extensions. Normally an average of eight strips of human hair with width varying from two inches to eight inches are used for this purpose. Starting from nape these strips are placed facing the scalp. These clips can be worn throughout the day, but they have to be removed before sleeping.
  • Bonding and sealing extensions: In this method, glues are used to fix the hair extensions into the natural hair. This method has been found to be very effective and harmless if the affixing of the hair and its removal are done by professional hands. In soft bonding latex or acrylic based adhesive is used to bond the hair extension and in hard bonding adhesive containing cyanoacrylate which is rigid is used. Hard bonding lasts for 4-6 weeks and after these maintenance appointments will be required.
  • Fusion method: In this method, hair extensions are attached to individual strands with the help of a machine and it give a truly authentic and natural look. But this is a very time consuming process and may take about 3-4 hours. As natural hair grows repositioning has to be done periodically at an interval of 2-3 months.

There are other methods of hair extensions also. But they are not discussed here due to certain constraints.

Do hair extensions need cutting?

The hair extensions available in the market will have to be prepared and made matching to the user’s requirements. To blend the purchased hair extension to the natural hair, it has be cut. So, if hair extension is to be carried out at home, it is better that you purchase extensions that are cut and placed on clips.

How to curl the hair extensions?

Wearing straight hair extensions are not recommendable because straight hair extensions do not look natural. The extension hair is curled before it is placed on the head. Curling iron or hot rollers or velcro rollers are used for curling straight hair extensions. If rollers which do not use heat are used for curling hair extensions, allow them to dry completely over 3-8 hours around the rollers. It is better to allow rolled hair to dry over night. Hair drying can be speeded up by using a hair drier.