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Chemotherapy wigs

Chemotherapy is a treatment method for cancer in which drugs are administered to control and prevent the spread of cancerous cells. Rapidly dividing cells in bone marrow, mouth, nails and hair follicles are affected by chemotherapy. Not only hair on the head, hair on the other parts of the body are also effected by chemotherapy. Hair fall occurs in almost every patient. Fall of hair starts about two weeks after the start of chemotherapy. Some chemotherapeutic medications can cause rapid hair fall and baldness, where as some other medications may lead to hair thinning only.

Even though hair starts re growing about 2-3 months after the completion of chemotherapy, the period during which hair has lost or thinned is the most horrible period. The pangs of this period can be considerably reduced by using a special wig suitable for the candidate. In this article matters regarding how one can select a suitable wig for a chemotherapeutic patient and how the use of it can be made beneficial and pleasurable experience are explained.

Consider the cost: The cost of wig varies according to its type and attractiveness.The weather around your area during the periods of chemotherapy also plays a vital role in deciding the wig type you intend to purchase. Whether it will be hot weather or cold weather has to be considered. The wig suitable to your head and matching to your life style and purchasing capacity has to be found out.

Visit a Doctor : Visit a doctor where wigs suitable for chemotherapeutic patients are available. You can also get the advice of some of your friends or relatives who had earlier undergone the same situation. You may try different wigs and take photographs with the help of a friend which can be viewed conveniently in your room and find out the most matching wig for your temperament and life style. It is better that you go for a lighter shade than the natural color of your hair as chemo can reduce the red blood cells in your blood and make you look pale.

Purchase the wig earlier: The hair loss starts two weeks after the start of chemotherapy. It is advisable that you purchase a wig even before the start of the therapy as during the therapy you may be busy with other matters and may not get time for shopping. If you postpone this matter, it may happen that your loss of hair and change in the appearance of your hair may be noticed by others.

Be happy with your wig: If you trim your hair and start wearing the wig before the start of the chemo, the pang of hair loss can be reduced and made bearable. When you start wearing a wig, outsiders may think that it is a new coiffure, and they will not understand that you are undergoing chemo. Dress better while you wear the wig and continue putting your make up and live like a normal person. This will help you very much to come out of the terrible despair that usually accompanies chemotherapy.