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Biofibre (Italian Technology)

Hair transplant is the best and surest way to treat and cure baldness. Thinning of hair affect many individuals and where hair transplantation is inevitable, they might just not possess enough donor area or might not want to undergo surgical donor strip removal or any other type of surgery. These patients greatly benefit from artificial hair Implantation. Bio fibre which is a biocompatible artificial hair is manufactured by Medicap and is CE 0373 and TGA certified.

Indications for artificial hair transplantation

  • ■ Unresolvable baldness with very minimal or no donor area
  • ■ Amalgamate with other natural hair Transplant procedures
  • ■ When there is an immediate requirement for instant results e.g.Marriage
  • ■ Best anti-aging procedure for alopecia

Benefits Bio Fibres

  • ■ Quick and aesthetic solution – the effect of new added hair is immediate and the patient can enjoy their new near-to-natural look immediately
  • ■ A solution for all types of hair loss – artificial hair transplant is a solution to all hair loss treatments
  • ■ Non-invasive – unlike surgical hair restoration procedures where the patient might have to experience some surgical incisions, implant of synthetic bio fibers is simple and does not involve any incisions to harvest donor follicles
  • ■ Hair density: Artificial hair restoration treatments usually maintain density of the hair on the area of hair loss
  • ■ No risk of shedding: Artificial hair implants are accepted by the body’s immune system and remain on the scalp till the synthetic shafts wear off

Characteristics of Bio Fibres

  • ■ It is one of the most advanced progressive organic fibres to be used for hair implantations
  • ■ Compliant with ISO 9002, EN 46,002 and European Directive 93/42/EEC
  • ■ Soft, fine and flexible
  • ■ Resistant to change in colours
  • ■ Size variety – 15cms, 30cms and 45cms
  • ■ 3 different types of waves and curls and 1 straight
  • ■ Colour availability – 13 standard colours along with others that can be provided upon request
  • ■ It can be washed, dried, combed and styled just like natural hair

Dr. Shaiil Gupta at Satya Skin Hair Clinic conducts the fastest artificial hair implantation procedure all over India.He has done unto 18,500 Biofibres in a patient in just 6 sittings.