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Hair Care

Hair loss is a common problem experience by millions of men and women. At least 50 % men and women experience some sort of hair loss by around the age 50. As the preliminary diagnosis of hair loss can be made by the symptoms like thinning of hair and increase in the number of falling hair, it is very easy to initiate various treatment options available.

After suspecting the occurrence of abnormal hair loss, one has to meet a dermatologist/ trichologist who will conduct special diagnostic tests to find out which type of hair loss the patient is experiencing. Early diagnosis is very important for initiating proper treatment through which hair loss can be controlled.

There are well-established and proven treatment methods, which can definitely reduce the graveness of the hair loss problem. Importance of the initiation of hair loss treatment in its initial stages of inception has to be understood by every person.

Before starting the diagnostic procedure for hair loss the physician will study your medical history and family history to see whether there are any hereditary traits in your family for hair loss.

Diagnosis of hair loss

At Satya skin & hair clinic, the dermatologist will study matters like position of thinning patches of hair, whether they are throughout the scalp, the rate of hair loss etc. Blood tests will be conducted to find out whether thyroid disease or lupus is the cause for the hair loss.

In another test called pull test, your doctor may pull dozens of hairs gently to ascertain the stage of the shedding process. He will also check the skin to ascertain whether any infection is the cause for the hair loss.

Alopecia areata is type of hair loss in which hair loss occurs in the scalp in quarter shaped circles. Hair grows in these patches after a while. New patches may develop and the hair loss may continue. This disease is cured by injecting steroids like triamcinolone.

Some children have the habit of making tight braids and ponytails. This will also result in hair loss known as Traction alopecia. By diagnosing the reason for this type of hair loss, the problem can be solved by avoiding the extra tension on the hair.

Another hair loss problem named Trichotillomania is caused as a result of involuntary twisting and pulling of hair by children. Early diagnosis, proper counseling, antidepressant and anxiety medications are very useful in controlling this type of hair loss.

Another hair loss named Tinea capitis is caused as a result of fungal infection. This type of hair loss is very prevalent in Africa and America. Oral antifungal medication has been found to be very effective in curing and eliminating this type of hair loss.

Telogen effluvium is another kind of hair loss experienced because of shock. As hair re grows naturally after some time no treatment is necessary for this type of hair loss.

The most common hair loss pattern known as androgenetic hair loss is caused as a result of the sensitivity to dihydrotestosterone, which is a byproduct of testosterone. The hair follicles miniaturize because of dihydrotestosterone thereby reducing the life span of the hair. There are reliable treatment options and solutions to androgenetic hair loss also.

Appropriate hair loss treatment is necessary to be given in the initial stages to avoid formation of big balding patches. Diagnosing the hair loss problems well in advance can lead to proper treatments and save the patients from distress and anguish