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Vaginoplasty or labiaplasty attempts to reconstruct and tighten the vagina when it has slackened or loosened up. Surgical tightening of the tissues is warranted when the tissues are stretched. The plastic surgery is performed on the labia major and / or the labia minor. Asymmetries of the vagina and the size of the vagina to make it bigger or smaller are endeavoured with labiaplaty.

The difference between reconstruction and cosmetics When a reconstructive surgery is undertaken it mainly aims at improving the functionality of a body part. Cosmetic surgery focuses on aesthetics or changes to a normal anatomy to make it look good. Reconstructive surgeries are carried out to correct birth defects of the vagina such as malformation or vaginal a-genesis. Cosmetic surgery is conducted for vaginal rejuvenation resulting in designer vagina.

Types of cosmetic surgeries Satya Skin Hair Clinic’s expert surgeons use laser technologies for vaginal rejuvenation for efficacy and success rates.

Hymenoplasty- The hymen is a thin tissue which is present at the entrance of the vagina which tears upon intercourse. Hymenoplasty is a surgical process of revirgination to repair the hymen and bring the woman back to a virginal state. Some religions strongly practice the importance of virginity and may even opt for reconstructing the hymen before a marriage.

G-spot amplification– The erotic G-spot is believed to be the front wall of the vagina. It is sensitive to stimulation and provides with arousal and orgasm. A collagen is injected into the wall to amplify the G-spot and increase pleasure.

Clitoral unhooding– Clitoral hooding also known as Hoodectomy a minor surgical procedure. The prepuce that surrounds the clitoral node provides protection to the clitoris from over stimulation and abrasion. During intercourse, the tissue retracts, exposing the G-spot. When clitoral notes are small or have excess prepuce tissue there could be sexual dysfunction. Hoodectomy removes the excessive prepuce tissue that surrounds the clitoral node on all three sides.