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Love Yourself


Lipectomy or liposuction is a cosmetic surgery undertaken to remove the excessive fat under the skin. The surgery attempts at breaking up the fat and sucking it out from the affected part of the body which commonly are: thighs, abdomen, neck, chin, arms and calves of the legs. Liposuction stabilizes body weight and removes unwanted fat deposits. Not to be confused with a treatment of obesity, it is a method of fat reduction from specific parts of the body.
Ideal candidates The ideal candidates for liposuction would be:

  • ■ Non-smoking individuals
  • ■ Individual adults within 30% of their actual and ideal weight
  • ■ Individuals with favourable muscle tone and elastic skin
  • ■ No medical conditions and illnesses that can be an impediment to healing


Laser assisted liposuction Surgical low-energy lasers loosen and liquefy the fat cells. Due to their liquefaction, they are easy to remove through a small cannula. There is minimal scarring and discomfort along with no downtime associated with the procedure.
Ultrasound assisted liposuction- Ultrasound is used to liquefy fat in the body. A specialized cannula emits ultrasound waves directly into the fat deposits. Large and dense fat deposits can be tackled with ultrasound assisted liposuction. It helps in effectively tightening the skin around the area.

Tumescent liposuction- Considered akin to traditional liposuction, tumescent liposuction a special tumescent solution made of epinephrine, lidocaine and salt solution is injected into the fat layer. This fat cells swell up, get isolated along with shrinkage of blood vessels. The procedure is undertaken with local or general anaesthesia to insert the tube into the treatment area.

Wet liposuction and super-wet liposuction- In wet liposuction, fluid which is less in volume than the amount of fat that has to be removed from the body, is injected into the treatment area. The fluid loosens the fat cells and they are suctioned out. In the super-wet liposuction, fluid less than that used in the tumescent liposuction is used, it could be equal to the amount of fat in the area.

Satya Skin Hair Clinic conducts procedures after evaluating all clinical and cosmetic indications.