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Love Yourself

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Complete skin & hair solutions

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Anti aging treatments

>Wipe out the signs of aging from your skin completely

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Cosmetic Surgery

World’s best & most advanced cosmetic surgery solutions

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Skin diseases

Treatment of Acne,Eczema,Leukoderma,Psoriasis etc. by expert dermatologist

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Satya Philosophy to Love yourself

Satya Skin Clinic treats each patient with empathy and discretion. A patient arriving at Satya Skin Clinic is educated about their condition prior to treatment. Treatment protocols at our clinic are evolved and extremely patient friendly.

At Satya skin clinic,we not only treat your skin problems,but we also emphasize on treating you as a whole where all the three parts: Body,Mind & Soul are taken care of.

Dr. Shaiil Gupta at Satya Skin Clinic is a trained Pranic & Theta healer.

Our patients are happy to be treated at Satya skin clinic, which encompasses a warm and friendly atmosphere.The consultants at Satya Skin clinic are well-trained, efficient and take patient comforts seriously.The infrastructure of Satya Skin clinic is a state of art and our doctors and therapists are well-qualified.

Satya’s philosophy lies in being the most qualitative at affordable prices.The treatments delivered at Satya Skin clinic are effective, safe and the techniques are clinically researched and proven. We place a lot of emphasis on client safety and positive results. We at Satya Skin clinic are a unique group which do not subscribe to gimmicks and ulterior motives.

Best Skin Clinic in Delhi

There are many skin clinics in delhi. There are some clinics which advertise a lot. Almost every other day you will find their advertisements in news papers or internet. Some of these clinics are allopathy and some homeopathy. Many clinics are no more than a parlor and they advertise like anything and pose themselves to be the Best Skin Clinic in Delhi.

Such skin clinics in delhi usually trap the patients by advertising and offers. Beware of such clinics as all they care is just money and don’t follow any medical ethics. Good skin clinics in delhi are run by dermatologists and can offer you good and genuine services. Satya Skin & Laser clinic is one of the Best Skin Clinic in Delhi. SATYA skin laser & hair clinic is run by Dr. Shaiil Gupta and Dr. Ruchi agarwal, both MD, dermatologist. Infrastructure wise SATYA skin laser & hair clinic is amongst the best skin clinics in delhi, where you get a true and honest solution to your problems. You will be glad that you were treated at Satya Skin clinic.

Best hair doctor in Delhi

Patients, who are facing hair fall at a faster pace, look for a reliable treatment from the best hair doctor in Delhi. Hair fall could be because of several reasons so the underlying cause should be diagnosed and then the relevant treatment can be given to the patient. At Satya skin laser & hair transplant clinic in Delhi, best hair doctors are available to treat the root cause of hair fall and provide the best treatments to the patients. At satya, hair doctors follow the best holistic approach in not only treating their patients medically but also works on their sub conscious level to eliminate all the negative forces present in their body and enforce positivity.

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Why Choose Satya

Satya Skin Clinic is an obvious choice for most patients because of:

Qualification & ExperienceDr. Ruchi Agarwal and Dr. Shaiil Gupta are world class surgeons trained and specialized in the areas of Platelet Rich plasma therapy,Mesotherapy & all the recent cosmetic procedures.Dr. Shaiil Gupta has been performing hair transplant and cosmetic reconstructive procedures for over 11 years at Satya Skin Clinic. He credits himself more than 3000 hair transplants and more than 400 repair surgeries.

The emotional connection – Dr. Shaiil Gupta and Dr. Ruchi Agarwal are very empathetic surgeons at Satya Skin Clinic. A patient feels extremely comfortable discussing their medical history and associated disturbances which are critical to the success of a procedure with them.

Patients can expect realistic and quality results at Satya skin clinic

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Quality & Safety – Satya Skin Clinic has testimonials to their quality and consistent results that are provided at the clinic. So much so, that our clinic provides the “Satya Assurance” to all customers who opt for a treatment at Satya Skin Clinic. Ambience at the Satya Skin Clinic is warm and inviting. Patients visiting our premises are made to feel comfortable with representatives willing to offer their support at every step of the way.

Bouquet of treatments – Satya Skin Clinic is the only one of its kind in India to offer all available cosmetic treatments under one roof.Satya Skin Clinic employs friendly and courteous staff that are helpful at all stages. They are trained to quote fully and provide prompt replies to patient’s queries.

A large part of a cosmetic clinic’s procedure depends on the anesthesia technique. Dr. Shaiil Gupta uses unique and painless methodologies for administration of anesthesia.(Zero pain Anesthesia TM)

Treatments And services
Top 4 services at Satya Skin Clinic

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E lite laser facial

It is everybody's dream to have a young & fresh glowing skin.For this,people try different types of facial in high end salons which are of no use.Satya’s e lite laser facial is the answer to all your skin demands.In today’s busy life one cannot afford a treatment which has a downtime.The treatment should be quick,painless & result oriented.Satya’s e lite laser facial fulfill all these parameters and gives you amazing refresh & much younger look. Satya’s e lite laser facial stimulates collagen formation & improves micro circulation in the deeper layers of skin thus revitalizing the skin. Discover the magic of laser light,giving new life to your skin.

Botox & Filler

To have fine lines & wrinkles is one of the most scary things especially for women.Generally fine lines & prominent skin folds are the first signs of aging in both men & women.Botox & fillers have been in use successfully for more than a decade having millions of satisfied patients worldwide. Botox & fillers can be used in tandem,where botox is more useful for dynamic wrinkles caused by muscle contraction & fillers for the prominent skin folds. The combined effect of botox & fillers makes you feel much younger than your age. Discover the younger “YOU"
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Satya’s Glow PRP

People use cosmetics & make up to shine and beautify their skin.But what if,just one session of a treatment gives you shine & glow on your skin & above that a treatment which can make your skin younger by removing pigmentation,reducing open pores & undereye circles s well.Here is the magical treatment-Satya’s Glow PRP.Just one session of Satya’s Glow PRP can make your skin talk & shine. Come & feel the magic of Satya’s Glow PRP on your skin & discover the secret of Hollywood celebrities.

Satya’s Scar vanish

Nobody like scars on their body & most irritating are the ones on your face.Scars can be because of some trauma,surgery,acne,chicken pox etc.Now with latest non surgical scar vanish treatment available at Satya, you can again have a flawless skin.Scar Removal can be easily achieved without any pain,stitches or surgery by most advanced US FDA approved Satya’s scar vanish scarlite laser. Let the imperfections vanish,experience a smother “YOU"
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Meet Our Experts

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Dr. Shaiil Gupta

Dr. Shaiil Gupta is MBBS, MD (Dermatology), A renowned Hair transplant surgeon with more than 2500 successful hair transplant surgeries.

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Dr. Ruchi Agarwal

Dr. Ruchi Agarwal is an expert dermatologist and cosmetologist in treating skin and cosmetic treatments including Botox and fillers. She provides extremely valuable contributions to Satya Skin Hair Clinic.

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